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The growing economy and differentiating needs, the higher technology and increasing risk perception provide insureds with the possibility to make the acquaintance with insurance products and services beyond conventional methods. In this regard, the insurance market makes every effort to hold risks covered at optimum levels , in line with the clients’ requirements. Differentiating risks cause a higher technology to enter our lives at a great speed. This higher technology has also started to be used currently both during claims and underwriting processes. Many tools from pricing up to processing of claims are now used more effectively.

Particularly as far as the optimization of finance and pricing processes are concerned, which have to be carried out very effectively, the more effective use of higher technology by the market is made necessary. To obtain more rational solutions and a sustainable profitability, technology has become an unavoidable asset in the insurance market. This International meeting will provide us a platform to discuss in depth various possibilities for our companies.

As we all know, Turkey is a high growing market and it brings the technology investments accordingly.

This year, on the first day, we would like to discuss Benefit of Technology in Claims Handling and Underwriting. On the second day of the seminar, there will be parallel workshops in the morning session, one on Life and the other one on Motor, which will be followed by bilateral meetings.

The organizers of the seventh International Istanbul Insurance Conference are bringing together Treasury, public and professional bodies, Insurers, Reinsurers, Brokers, NGO's and media with the aim to increase the awareness of the technology in the Turkish Insurance Market. Together we will brainstorm to benefits of the technology in claims handling and underwriting to develop our industry. This conference is provided to the market for free of charge.

Let us ignite the synergy on 8th - 9th October 2015 at Milli Reasürans Conference Hall.

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